Saturday, November 12, 2011

Joy Takes Sitting Down

As I've mentioned before, new socks, coffee and journalling is the best way to greet the morning. Add Christmas lights and the Psalms and I'm pretty much set.

Good morning hair and sleepy eyes and a new treasure trove of joy - today is a day to celebrate.

What are you celebrating this morning?



  1. are getting into the season...

    i am celebrating coffee as i got in way too late...and lovely fall colors off the back deck...

  2. My morning was coffee and a walk; then baking cookies! now heading to BBC for church tonight!

  3. Those mornings are the best! Filled with peace, silence, and time with God. I cherish those.

  4. Van-gogh clouds and John 12!!!

  5. Heehee, you're so adorable with sleepy eyes.

    And when I get to Oregon, me and Lyssie seriously gotta get a million Christmas lights to put up in our room. That's a genius idea (which I'd have done already, except Ami has an aversion to light =P).

    My morning is astonishingly boring. =P But sometimes I have tea. <3

  6. I don't look forward to anything in the morning except coffee. :P