Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Best Day Forecast

I started out the day of my big Marketing Communications test on the best foot with new socks (thanks Esther!), a cup of coffee (thanks Mum!) and journalling.
My dearest Mum drove me to my test. Funny fluke, my license had expired four days earlier and even though the likelihood of my getting pulled over was low, I still didn't want to drive. The test itself was surprisingly chill. I think I'd done my hyperventilating yesterday. I took a little over two and half hours to fill out thirty multiple-choice questions and seven essay questions. Although I won't know til it gets graded, I'm pretty confident I passed.

Then, Mrs. C picked me up and I got my license renewed. Yay, I won't have my eyes shut on my driver's license anymore! (Another story for another time)
After that, Emily and I hung out. I love this girl so much. I can't help it. She gives me my nose-crinkle smile. You know that person you can tell anything to? And those big, terrible secrets and fears you've been holding so deep just slip out when you're around that person? Emily's that person for me. I love you, babe!

Now excuse me as I try to convince Vicki to take up cooking. Fingers crossed! Thanks everybody for the prayers on my test. It was a good day.


Listening to After Edmund - Clouds

421 not hearing what people yell at me from their cars when I'm biking
422 sister dates
423 that He is able to make me who He wants me to be
424 the little nods runners give as they pass each other
425 warm downs after exercising
426 P90X
427 Ryan Kelly's voice
428 being able to choose gratitude
429 cleaning to techno music
431 my friend Adrienne and her taste in music
432 curly chimney smoke on a gray morning
433 spilling only half a glass of OJ
434 knee wraps


  1. Good job, Ruthiey!! And I'll cook when I get my own house. *nod*

  2. nice...sounds like a great day...and good job on that test!

  3. Awww, you and Emily are just so gorgeous. Cute cute cute cute.

    YOU GO GIRL on convincing Vicki to cook. At the very least, get her to do some stir fry. She likes stir fry and she has a wok, so it might maybe possibly work... 0=) Maybe I'll do some pestering, too.

    Oh yeah... and I discovered a few days ago that my learner's permit expired like three months ago... I guess I gotta get a new one... Bleh.