Monday, June 20, 2011

We Were Made For You - History Of Aaron Gillespie

Aaron Gillespie is growing older and younger at the same time. Give me a minute or two to explain.

I feel like we go way back, from when Jak got into hardcore music. I liked very few of the bands that she got into, but Underoath had a couple really good songs. Aaron was in the band at that point, the crazy sweaty drummer. Underoath is not a secular band, but they skirt the fringes of vagueness when it comes to the Gospel, possibly preferring to create "positive" hardcore art. Aaron seemed like the only one of the guys who was willing to grow up. He got married and started working on some solo stuff.

Eventually, he left and started his own band, The Almost. Partly thanks to his work with Underoath and his own passion for music, it was a big success. I loved The Almost because it distilled all the elements I had liked about Underoath, (which was basically Aaron's voice and enthusiasm). One big difference between them was Aaron's pronounced and deliberate thankfulness for the Gospel, especially in this song. Still, The Almost was a very artistic venture, with sometimes confusing lyrics.

Finally, on March 8th, Aaron released a solo worship album, Anthem Song. He wrote some songs with Paul Baloche and Delirious, one of my very favorite worship bands. The song We Were Made For You (filmed in Haiti) shows his very evident love for God and excitement in worshipping Him. I love how God has worked in Aaron Gillespie! Back to what I said about growing older and younger at the same time. Aaron's older, because he's grown in faith and boldness, through his life experiences. He's grown younger because he seems more free to rejoice in the Lord. Watch the music video. He's practically dancing and can't stop smiling.

That's my latest God-sighting. Any you've seen? Doesn't have to be a history like this - maybe just a glimpse.



  1. really enjoyed this...had not heard it before and a nice bit of history on him there as well...i think each step of this evolution has played an important role as he refines his own craft and message that he is compelled to deliver...

  2. Yes, that's part of why he's such a inspiring artist - because he chances change and seeks to know the truth!

  3. i looove the almost. underoath is good too, though sometimes it seems a bit harcore!!!

  4. oooh man! this gave me chills!
    I am totally looking up this artist! I love his style and enthusiasm for God!
    and those little Haitian kids.....ahhhhhhh I WANT THEM! soo cute. ;D

    oh and thanks for the comment on my blog! I did take that picture! thank you very much. :)