Monday, May 16, 2011

Nothing Deep Tonight

I have you tell you something and no, it's not deep or devotional. Just embarrassing.

So a long time ago, in a land far away, I had been talking to my brother and we'd asked each other, "What would you do if you had a million dollars?" Among other things, I'd said I wanted a personal trainer. Then I asked myself, why not? So I went to ask about the pricing the next day. I was just finished a pretty intense workout and I was sweaty, red in the face, shaking, you name it. I went to the front desk and casually asked the dude fiddling with the computer what personal training costs were. Jumping at the opportunity to upsell me, he took me back to see Ryan, who happened to be a rather attractive guy. The guy behind the desk was okay-looking but Ryan was very cute and built. Duh, he works at the gym. So, he was like, "Oh personal training, yeah! Here, come talk to Trent."
Of course, Trent was just about as cute as Ryan and as I sat down, shaky and feeling kinda gross, Trent started off on a intro about personal training, gave a little sales pitch and tried to get me to set up an appointment. I backed off, saying I'd just wanted to know what the pricing was and at this point, just wanting to leave. Like really quick.
"Hey, did you get a body fat testing when you first joined?" asked Trent.
"No," I said, hesitantly.
"Why don't we set up an appointment for that?"
"Uhh, I guess." My gym's body fat testing is a bit rudimentary. Basically, they measure how many inches of fat you can pull up off your leg and stomach, etc. It's a little awkward and Jak had had an awkward experience with hers, with Ryan earlier. I hoped I would get one of the female trainers to do mine.
Glancing down at his calender, Trent picked up a pen. "Ok, lemme see when I'm free. Monday at three work for you?"
"Yeah, I guess." I said faintly. It was going to be with him. Oh dear, oh dear.

I went home and stressed about it. I did not want to get my body fat tested by him! I almost called the gym three times, but I couldn't think up a legitimate reason for canceling the appointment. Finally, two days before Monday, when we went, I checked whether Trent was there and he wasn't. I went to the office and told one of the many tanned blondes who works there that I had an appointment with Trent on Monday and I 'wouldn't be able to make it'. I hope I wasn't lying. I tell myself that it was kinda the truth because mentally, I just couldn't make it.

Of course, Trent was always there after that and I knew that he knew that I had cancelled on him and he must have noticed that I wasn't trying to reschedule. Whenever I saw him after that, I just avoided eye contact. Yeah, so grown up of me. And as of a little while ago, I no longer go to the gym. So conflict resolved. Sigh.

I just had to get that off my chest. Thank you for listening.


Listening to Andreas Scholl - Ombra Mai Fu


  1. haha. confession is good for the soul...had a PT once that made me throw up...short relationship...

  2. Yeah, I'd probably have done just about the same... ^_^ Too awkward. Yowtch.

  3. Heeheee. That's so ridiculously awkward. :D:D:D You win at life, Ruthiey. :D