Sunday, May 22, 2011


I have lots and lots of pictures on my camera, but no energy to upload them. I honestly feel a little like giving up on stuff. I have very little idea who I am. It's a weird feeling.

Bob Harper makes me smile.

So does Vicki.

I biked home from work in spurts of desperate rain. I got so energized and excited by the rain that I went for another bike ride after I got home. Halfway out, I got a flat tire. I was very tired by the time I'd walked back home.

The clouds are beautiful, though. This entire day has been switching between crazy rain and steamy sunshine.


(I'm posting lots of thanks so I can catch up and also no music, because my brain is fried and needs silence)

thankful for...

375 new desk
376 making a curtain
377 unplanned family hangouts at nine o'clock at night
378 little tiny baby shoes
379 inspiration boards
380 days of rest
381 a new ability to judge what I need to keep and what I should give away
382 sermon note taking in the form of poetry
383 perfume collections
384 my handy brother Stephen
385 God doing his perfect will regardless of my feelings or reactions in a situation
386 studying in the sunshine
387 taking a nap with the window open and breeze blowing in
388 the new puppy Chloe next door
389 all the amazing sermons and material so available online
390 early morning thunderstorms
391 being able to say I want to instead of I should
392 Roy Rogers and Trigger
393 inventing names for colors like grape-brown and grumpy red
394 walking with Andrew
395 fresh cardamum bread
396 my siblings getting baptized
397 seeing my brother Stephen surrounded and being prayed for by his godly guy friends and mentors
398 moonlight and daffodils outside my window
399 inline skating
400 eating an apple under an apple tree full of fragrant blossoms
401 the smell of my Dad's cologne mingling with the smell of a Target sampling of J'Lo's Love and Glamour
402 early movie screenings
403 irish accents
404 a good friend flying in front out of state
405 weekends with good friends
406 getting lost in the city with good friends
407 a great restaurant with good food
408 astronomically amazing cloud formations
409 biking home in epic rain showers
410 spring air rain-fresh and scented with lilacs
411 the first watermelon of the season


  1. wow. you are thankful the rain can be pretty invigorating...

  2. I miss you. I had a faaaaabulous time at your house. Thank you for being so awesome. =)

  3. Awww, Ruthiey! Take your time about uploading the pictures. <3 Also, you're amazing. Just sayin'.