Monday, May 23, 2011

Needa Pep Talk

What kind of a pep talk do you give to someone who

a) is staring at a huge test (that her sister failed twice)

b) that's scheduled on the thirty-first

c) can't speak Marketing

d) says yes to work opportunities that she should not

e) can't manage to study even while at a quiet and boring library

f) is tired and discouraged

I'm dragging here. I don't even know who this unmotivated, weepy person is anymore.


Listening to Dave Barnes - Until You (In some cheerful news, I scored this cd for fifty cents while at that boring library! Shout out to a man who makes flip-flops look this good!)

(Also, check out my new page about my schooling!)


  1. ok, you have time...first, put the books aside...spend a couple hours doing something fun and dont feel guilty...stop avoiding the study with work...and figure out how to reward your will make it...

  2. It might be credits from having awesomeness with Vicki... and me... Plus normal life boringness. XP

    I'll be praying for you. *squish* I know you can do it, because you really are amazing, but maybe you should take a break for yourself (like mentioned above, heh heh, gmta) and just chill. Life can be pretty overwhelmingly boring/overwhelming at times. A lot of times. XP

    I miss you.