Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dissonance To Harmony

Clarity is an under-rated sort of trait. Maybe we miss the lies we saw before. Maybe they're closer than the skin we're in. They've crept inside us and we're just not able to see how they've affected us.

Put a tarp over our statues. Forget that we're syndicated and we're published and applauded. Forget everything everyone tells us we are. We are. We just are. We believe in a God who's bigger than ourlies. We should be lost. He tells us so. We shouldn't feel so at home in the middle of the enemy camp.

Don't applaud something you don't believe in. Be someone who stays up late and gets up earlier. Be closer to the real life that's happening around us. Stop complaining about the repetitive motions and the monotony. It's about learning a lesson; it's about being in the midst of doing. Once you've got that down, come back and we'll talk.

We kill the empty tumors again and again. When you begin the fight, it might seem like it would be one giant push and it would be over, but no. It's the same again and again, making the right decision against the slowing and resisting of your body, the comfort that has built itself around you as you sit on the couch. Fight again. Be in the midst of doing. Get a picture of who you are and who you will be and fight through the 'doing' to get there. It will take a long time, but it will come.

Sometimes the joy is in the process. So live the process. Join the side against yourself. Fight for the right reasons and drag yourself along into the fray. Gradually, through the pounding, the relentless doing, your very being will morph from dissonance to harmony. You will not always play the right notes, but it'll be much more melodious than it was before. It will come. Believe there is power in the notes of determination.

We aren't alone. We haven't earn the right to speak. We speak out of ignorance and anger. When we come humbly, that's the miracle. Our words are broken and the only way we have redemption is the light that shines through our cracks. We have to open and fall apart to let him show. Don't stay buttoned up and folded away. We haven't become the everything he wants us, but sometimes we pause at that moment in our lives because he has something he wants to teach us there. It's an rest stop on a roadtrip. An interlude in a concert. A pause. He's wants to teach us. Will we be taught? Open us, Father, and make us a promise that it'll be something more beautiful than just a whole us, but it will be a complete redemption. An epic complete restoration, where everything broken is not only pieced together, but made new; where tears are not only dried but forgotten forever; where broken hearts can once again take the deep breath of trust. It will be beautiful.

Don't forget where we're going.


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  1. "put a tarp over our statues" ...you are a good writer writing good stuff. "be someone who stays up late and gets up earlier" ...and so very young, energetic, and not a mom!! milk this time, ruthiey, milk it! :)

  2. Humility is good. And hard. But when words are in humility, they are better.

    So is not complaining.

    Also. You're right. it's good to fight and not be a lazzy bum.

    And yes! Stay up late! Get up early! Do everything! Wh00t!

  3. So true these words you write! Oh that they would forever remain on the forefront of my mind! Thank you for your sweet words on my blog, they were very encouraging!

  4. nice...this is really good...quite challenging...i like it.

  5. Sometimes the joy is in the process. So live the process.

    i think i will adopt this as my new motto. Good strong words there.

  6. sometimes the joy is in the process... in fact I wonder if the joy is ever in anything but the process. We keep hungering and thirsting for the end when the amazing thing is the path we are on. Thanks!

  7. We believe in a God who's bigger than our lies.

    so true, ruthiey. so passionate. i loved this. i wanted to stay up and shout, amen! :) i'm so glad you linked. xo

  8. you made me cry and want to put this somewhere i'll see it often. can i borrow it for somewhere in my home?
    Emily (Jessica's sister)