Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tea And Other Emotions


One of the most comforting and communal things to do is drink a cup of tea. I savor the warmth and fragrance, the smooth, sometimes shy flavors that warm my tongue and throat. I love the color, blushing pinks and bottomless reds, deep browns and heroic blacks, which will only be conquered with splash after splash of cool milk. 
I took this picture during tea with Mrs C. <3

I savor drinking it from dainty teacups and wide-mouthed mugs, even out the crack of a plastic lid on a to-go cup. I love drinking it on a cloudy fall afternoon or while the moon rises on a stark winter night.

I savor the idea and ritual of tea; patience as essence seeps from the bag into the water, the careful first sip, steam rippling up my face. Some of my favorite flavors are apple spice, vanilla chai, citrus chamomile, peppermint and the original sweet and spicy Good Earth tea. 

Do you drink tea? What are some of your favorites?


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  1. nice...i like a good chai...i also like earl tea is a nice relaxer for me as well...

  2. <33333333333333333

    Tea is awesome. I'm so glad it's cold again so I can chug the stuff again. =D And, of course, fabulous descriptions. As always. =)

    My favorites are chai (vanilla chai is a new favorite, yayyyy!), PG Tips, Sleepytime, peppermint, and maybe a few others that I can't remember atm. Tea is so wonderful. =)

    Thank you for doing a post on tea! I loved it. =)

  3. i wish i liked tea more, in part because the way you write about it is so alluring! alas, i am a coffee girl, through and through. :)

  4. oh, i am totally a tea drinker, although i did start also drinking coffee a few years ago. my favorite teas are rooibus, chai, and fennel. i make my own fennel tea. i drink them hot and also cold.

    i usually don't place links in comments, i think it's lame, but i thought you might like to see how i make my fennel tea:

  5. i don't like licorice, but when my hubby steeped a cuppa egyptian licorice tea, i tried it and immediately decided i would buy us a box.