Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Birthday x2

In the month of February, there are three birthdays in our family. My brothers Andrew and Joseph and my dearest Mum. Andrew just turned seventeen and is seriously one of the coolest guys I know. He's a strong man who loves with work with his hands, he loves Jesus and he's incredibly brainy. He also just got his driver's license! Watch out world. In the picture above, he's laughing because he got a pet raccoon for Christmas from Babs and we were all kinda teasing him about it. I love that picture. Happy Birthday, Andrew!
My dearest mum is turning however old tomorrow and oh, by the way, I can promise you she'll like the presents I managed to remember to get her. ^_^ She's keeping very busy with her biblical womanhood bible study, going on a retreat with our church as one of the counselors and then I think she's giving a speech as soon as she gets home. I think we share the same ability to pack our lives with so many things that we stress ourselves out. =P You can pray for her. Happy Birthday, Mummy! I know God picked just right when he made you my mum and me your daughter.


Listening to Hillsong - Mighty To Save

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  1. Hurrayyyyyy!! Happy Birthday. Gosh, all the kids that I know are getting so old. It's disturbing...