Monday, September 21, 2009

My Converse Story

First came a package, addressed to a rather excited young child who hurried home after work when she heard that it had arrived.

Elation abounded and she ran down to her room.
First opening... just a glimpse of the All-Star logo.
She gazed at the babies, tenderly nestled in the bubble wrap.
There was a moment of silence, indecision.
A long moment...
"A Little Too Green."
And so they were. Too kelly green, not enough emerald.

So she hit upon an idea.
"Brother wanted shoes! Here's shoes for brother!"
Nice shoes.
What a deal! The young girl was happy to make her money back and resolved to renew her search for the perfect Converse. Surely, the dream couldn't be that far away...



  1. Good solution. :) though i'm sorry you don't have your perfect Converse yet.
    You and Stephen have the same shoe size?
    what setting was your camera on? it looks quite dark.

  2. Hey! SOOO I have an idea for you?

    Buy a pair in white and paint them with acrylic. (That way you get whatever color you want, and you can add designs or what-have-you) As long as you apply thin layers of paint the acrylic shouldn't chip or crack too badly.
    You can also heat set the acrylic to make it more durable..

    You could also use farbic paint.. Anyway. I have painted converse before to give out as gifts.. and that's what I did! Let me know if you have any questions, if you decide to!

  3. @Bialy - it was my camera phone, so bad resolution. ^_^

    @Kaija - really? That's a good idea... I'd heard about it, but now that you've confirmed it, I think i might try it. Thanks!

  4. And even in her excitement, she stopped to take pictures of the entire process. *g*

  5. Is this more what you're looking for?

  6. =D Ruthiey, you're amazingly special! =)

    *can't imagine not wearing a pair of hard-bought shoes because of the color*

  7. @Nate - actually it's a color called sycamore green.