Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Converse Story - Part Two, also my 100th post

The young child finished with an ordinary day at work, complete with cheerful hair and the snack marchine behind her, decided to pop by Goodwill on her way home.
Crikey! What's this? The small child spotted something. A very special something. It happened to be a pair of converse. Yes, GREEN CONVERSE.
Nabbing them quick, she clutched her treasure. An investigation followed.
After seven minutes of dazedly wandering the store, trying to make herself believe she'd just found what she'd been searching for for so long, she made it to the checkout counter where she laid down her shoes.

Once home, she put them on, tied them with new laces from Target and on her feet they stayed, to this day and hour.
Such a green, friends - so pristine, so impeccable, so resonant!
She could almost hear a song as she danced.
This child has a God who cares about the little things.



  1. Aw, yay! I'm glad it came through. (:

  2. That's awesome! How much were they?

  3. such a pretty, pretty green...*hearts*
    is Goodwill a kind of second hand store?

  4. Ooooh, awesome shoes. I want green converse. XD

  5. Thrift stores are seriously the best place to find things ever. Last year I needed a black dress for concert attire, and looked in all the stores and found nothing that wasn't expensive and ugly, and then at Goodwill the next morning I found this stunning black cocktail dress for less than five dollars that must've cost more than a hundred. Someone had donated it because the hem came out of the sleeve, and they probably thought it was irreparable. Classiness. ^_^

    Lovely shoes! I like that shade of green, too. Yep, God sure does care. He's human, too. XD

  6. I am so glad you got your beauties. :D