Sunday, November 13, 2011

When The Moon Is Far Away

Grass glittered with frost, my shins aching, but the sky, oh the sky, the morning, the shyness of the early day overwhelmed me. I slowed.

A streetlight towered above me, all chilly metal and aura, capturing my attention. Drawn like a moth, I stood for a minute.

After that minute, I saw past the streetlight. The moon, full and brilliant, stood out in a paling sky. Trees framed the majesty, raising their branches in adoration.

I almost missed seeing the moon because the streetlight was closer. It grabbed my attention. It was beautiful, but not the most amazing thing. In fact, it wasn't even worth the comparison. Man-made light and metal or the moon? No contest. Being the metaphor addict I am, I immediately made a comparison to real life.

Streetlight ----> World
Moon -----> Heaven

Sometimes I think I miss the goal of heaven because the world is closer. It grabs my attention. It sucks me in, takes my time, makes me promises it can't keep and tries to wows me. It says, "Be this, do that, get this. Wow, look at you. So much already but so far to go."

Heaven is because of Jesus, for Jesus and from Jesus. He is worth everything and is forever. God is bursting with incredible far-reaching promises that he will fulfill. He takes my life and makes me something beautiful. He amazes me. 

Something in our humanity wants to be awed. We want more than just mundane events and petty answers.  We want to know big, glorious, life-changing things. We're fascinated by how many light years it is across the Milky Way and why that biker traveled two thousand miles. More than just knowledge, though, we want to be part of something bigger. We want to do things that will change something, change others, change the world. 

When God saves us and we turned our eyes on Jesus, His role in our lives and the calling to which we are called, we are part of the best and biggest story that ever was and ever will be. We are given power from God Himself. However, the world tries to cut in and discourage us, discredit us and disarm us. It tries to charm us with man-made lights and metal. We have to be deliberate.

Recently, I decided to stop watching movies. I found that not only were they taking time away from school, but they were rearranging my priorities and thoughts in ways I did not like. Mostly they were pretty harmless, but I find that soaking myself in the world does not help me focus on God. I make the caveat that I can watch good movies when I'm hanging out with fam/friends.

For now, I'm being deliberate. I know that I have to be. I want to look past the streetlight and spend more time in awe of the moon.


Listening to Write This Down - Citadel
keep moving on, keep dreaming on
if we're going down, we're going down with a fight


  1. being deliberate is good...i do love streetlights and find them very romantic...of course that fits your metaphor as well...look to the moon, but remember the moon came to the earth and lived among the most earth bound of us...

  2. This is beautifully written. And so, so true.

  3. Yes! So good.
    The moon has been just stunning lately!

  4. Good metaphor, good post. =D I like your metaphors, so don't demean yourself for being a metaphoraholic. =P

    I'm glad to have you remind me of all these things, because I keep on telling myself something along these lines, because it's so hard to focus on, especially when there's such suffering here and now that I can't do anything to stop.

    Anyways, beautiful post. =)

  5. Very pretty. It's so interesting thinking of these things.

    (Your blog is working like therapy right now...)