Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easy Isn't Easy

It's easy to be lost: tell the ones you meet you're not sure where you are,
accept pity, wander more.

It's harder to be found, to sit and wait for direction,
to read things that make you cry
capsize lies, pin down truth.

How hard to be found, but in the end, easy isn't easy.
Lost is indecision; being found is deciding, choosing,
choosing to surrender, to bow, to worship
choices that you will never regret.

God, I want to be found.


Listening to Bebo Norman - Pull Me Out


  1. so true, a simple plan isn't necessarily easy

  2. amen. its the waiting that gets me...ugh...working on it...smiles.

  3. you capture the tension of redemption so succinctly here, dear ruthiey....

  4. Wow, this is fantastic. And so very true!

  5. Ruthie, this is really wonderful. How hard to be found...choosing, to surrender, bow, to worship, well stated. And to sit and wait for direction, I find this so hard. Brilliant post!

  6. how often i've thunk these thoughts... only not as pointedly poetic as you! i pray that those non-praying souls will snap with a twang and finally decide, for pity's sake!!

  7. Such wisdom! To risk being found...yes, this can be hard. This means to risk pain. But also Love. I think the risk is well worth it.