Friday, March 26, 2010

Shoe Shopping and Feeling Shattery

This child went shopping with the lil pretties today. We had a sensible goal in mind, but we all tried on heels.

It was fun and I almost bought the white shoes I tried on - they were that comfortable.

A further note and the second part of my post title - I feel like all the sudden in the past two days, I've become vulnerable to every sprain and injury under the sun. I have a slightly sprained left ankle (misstepped on a pinecone while running) a creaky right knee and now I strained something in my right wrist. Ouuuuch. Anyway, I thought I'd treat you to the sight of it all wrapped up. ^_^

In other news, I'm getting a camera. My baby is beautiful. Oh and speaking of babies! Here, for all you Justin Bieber fans... here's a lovely parody.

Much love and stirfry. Off to eat lunch.


Listening to The Almost - Lonely Wheel


  1. ahhhh, you make me jealous! =P haha, jk... how many MPs is it???

  2. oh i like that parody of JB!