Monday, February 13, 2012

Polka-Dots Made-up

So, I wanted to show you this cool thing I got yesterday. My friend Madeline custom-made it for me.

A purple, polka-dotted make-up bag! But wait, it gets better!

Check that out! Not only is it cute on the outside, it's cute on the inside AND it holds things! I digress. Too much excitement for one night. 

Seriously, though, if your heart feels strangely drawn towards this and you want something that looks like this (because you can't have mine, sorry) you should go check out Madeline's shop! There's other nifty things there too. 

Since we're here, my makeup/facial tools rundown, if anyone cares. I have Mary Kay bronze eyeliner and brown mascara, Revlon Colorstay Mineral Foundation (love this stuff!), Rimmel pink sugar blush, a Japanese set of eyeshadow and obviously, eyelash curler, eyebrow comb, shadow brush and blush brush. Niftiness, no?

Third and muchly cool, my amazing friend (and soon-to-be mommy!) Anna tagged me in a questionaire. Thanks, love!

1) When did you become a believer? 
I was saved at six, but came to a greater understanding of my sin at thirteen and because of that grew in gratitude and amazement at God's great mercy. My extended testimony is here.

2) What has been a very influential book in your spiritual walk? How?
I would say the Bible, but I think that's assumed. I would say Spurgeon's Morning and Evening has consistently challenged and encouraged me for a couple years now. I connect so strongly with his use of metaphors!

3) What is your favourite store to shop at?
For clothes, thrift stores. The bigger the better. For random foodstuffs and everyday upkeep, I would say Target.

4) you wear your hair up or down in general?
Lately, I've been wearing it down because I got a fabulous haircut from the magical Jak.

5) What city would you like to live in?
More like what city WOULDN'T I want to live in. That list would be shorter. Let's see. For now, Houston, Seattle, Chicago and New York are all in the running.

6) Who is one of your spiritual mentors?
Beth Moore. She's a woman who studies God's word with all her heart and shares her message of freedom with such enthusiasm. 

7) If someone gave you a large sum of money, what would you do with it?
I would find a bunch of friends and go tour Europe by bike. I'd give the rest away. Really, people don't talk about how much fun giving money away is.

8) Are you a night person or a morning person?
I am more wise and productive in the morning, but I sometimes have the most fun at night. Moshing at a concert or ten o'clock runs to Cub with friends? So into it. 

9) Starbucks or Caribou Coffee? Why? 
I like Starbucks because their coffee is stronger, but their tea is horrible. Caribou has weaker coffee and horrible tea as well. I prefer Dunn Bros. 

10) Do you enjoy long trips or dread them, whether in a car or a plane?
I enjoy long trips if they include people I like, great snacks and enough sleep. I love flying because my soul is adventureous. 

11) What's your favourite genre of music?
Probably rock. I like a huge variety of music. As my friend Vicki aptly said when asked her favorite song, "That's like asking which is my favorite molecule of air to breathe." 

That's all folks. Thanks everyone for your comments on my last post! Everyone who reads this blog is dear to my heart. I really do not deserve any of this and I so appreciate everything you guys add to my posts!


Listening to Plus One - I Will Rescue You (I even like pop music on occasion!)
If you're ever in a battle
And you just can't fight no more
I will rescue you
I will shelter you from the rain
I will dry your tears
Cast away your fears
And bring you to brighter days
Whenever you're lost and confused
Like a fairy tale come true
I will rescue you


  1. nice....the bike trip in europe is very cool....only surpassed by giving the rest away...

  2. that is one cute cosmetic bag!!! please take a look at my new post!!

  3. you blog just like you talk, i love your genuineness. Also I love you.