Thursday, November 3, 2011


I read a verse today. It said,

Stand up and strap on the belt of truth. It will keep your sanity on.
It said, strap on a breastplate of righteousness. It will keep the guilt at bay.
Strap on the readiness given by the gospel of peace. It will keep you from being consumed by your own problems. It will help you remember joy.
It said pick up and don't put down the shield of faith. It will protect you from devastating lies.
Take up the helmet of salvation. Wear it like a crown. Ram condemnation like a bull!
Take up the word of God. Be reverent and grateful. Pray you will honor it. It will keep you in the Spirit of God.
Get down on your knees for other saints. Don't wrap yourself up in your own issues. Look for others who need help and support.

It said, be a warrior, woman.



  1. Your middle name means warrior. (Or, at least, it did at the time I looked it up. =P)

    And it's not at all false. You may not believe it, but you are the kind of warrior that does amazing things and inspires others to do amazing things, all with words. Good job. =D

    It's hard to be a warrior, though. It can be so exhausting if you don't do it the right way (as in, let God be in control and trust Him =P). >.<

  2. woohoo...rock on warrior woman...smiles...and great verse...empowering....

  3. love this encouragement! the call as women to be warriors is a wonderful one indeed!

  4. You brought those verses to life vividly, and hammered it home with a rock-solid ending. :) Love it.

  5. How did I not find your blog earlier! you are such a talented and godly writer, ruthiey! :)

  6. I like this. It is difficult sometimes though.. But I guess all things worth striving for are.. :)


  7. Hmm...this was encouraging and helpful and convicting all at once. Thank you for posting this! I love you dear friend! Let's be warriors together, kay?