Tuesday, November 15, 2011


As I bike to work, a car speeds up, skips the stop sign and makes me pull on the brakes. I fight a rising sense of injustice. 

They had no right! It was my turn to go.

At work, I'm informed of a coworker who's been bad-mouthing everyone, including me. How this coworker has been boasting about putting me in my place, even as I'm trying to become a fair and kind housemanager. 

She has no right. She should treat people with more respect.  

Somehow in God's grace, I pause. 

I have no rights at all, except my right as a child of God. And within that right, is every reason to be forgiving, gentle and kind.

Because of who God is, I can remain open and vulnerable even when there is injustice and cruelty in the world. Because I've been forgiven, I can forgive.


thankful with Ann for - 

665 a mum who knows how to cure plugged ears
666 little sisters who volunteer to lug my backpack
667 Stephen's hilarious rendition of Viva La Vida
668 corridors of leaves, grass and trees, hallowed by a holy wind
669 God's presence in my room
670 protection from Satan
671 running under starry morning skies
672 how little icy points of light warm my heart with love and awe for their Creator
673 the death and dying of fall preparing for the solace of winter
674 that my mum taught me how to mend and hem and sew buttons securely
675 a $3.01 drycleaning bill
676 teenager insecurities almost being over - here come the stable twenties


  1. nice..glad you did not let the little things get you today...and that the car was in front and not on top of you...humbling bit there in that line...

  2. You are a wonderful girl.

    You need a Shaylynn in your life, to yell at the bad guys for you;) JK

  3. I think maybe it's easier to be gentle if you have a butterfly in your hair. What do you think?
    but seriously, I adore this post. It's something we all need to hear. <3

  4. Thank you dear sister, this was beautiful. <3

  5. It's good to be reminded of this. It's so hard to remember to get off my high horse and remember that I'm a sinner too, and even if I don't do those things outwardly, I sure as heck do them inwardly. =P

    I'd say they're the terrifying but terrific twenties. ^_^ Hem hem. But it's all an adventure. =)

  6. I read this and thought "wise." The author is wise. Maybe someday I'll get there...

  7. oh friend i love your forgiving heart... i have much to learn from you. xo

  8. Ruthie,

    what a reminder! :) very apt for me now :) thanks

  9. "I have no rights at all, except my right as a child of God. And within that right, is every reason to be forgiving, gentle and kind."

    ^^ That has to be one of the most convicting things I've read in a long while. Thank you for posting it. (it's going on a Post-It note next to my desk so I can see it often)

  10. Beautiful and so very true. Thank you for sharing your heart! Love!