Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Than Just Deliverance

Israel was a rebel people with flint-hard hearts,
God's people ignoring his will
when enemies came and brought sweat and blood, discomfort
they'd turn, suddenly helpless children,
to their patient Keeper.
He'd give rest and in their rest
they'd return to evil and former ignorance.

Ever faithful, He'd save them but did He delight in them?
I doubt it.
I want a heart that longs for more than just deliverance
one that aches to do His will.
It feels like an impossible thing to have,
wrestling this heart into submission
is an effort that I can't sustain.

cleanse me, create me anew
give me a spirit that is true
please don't send me away
but let your Spirit stay
my sacrifice in part
will be a broken heart
and from the ashes I will rise;
a contrite spirit you will not despise*


Listening to Enya - One By One


  1. mmm...nice verse...i like the turn to making it personal leading into the prayer...i ask much the same for my heart...

  2. You have a beautiful Heart Ruthie that seeks God genuinly....:-)

  3. I love the way your bible study turns into poetry turns into prayer. It's like I get to sit drinking tea (at least I'll drink tea coffee is disappointing) and listen to you wade through all of the issues it brings up.

  4. Lovely, with a nice segue from the personal into the universal...

  5. What a prayer. Prepare yourself for HIS response. :)

  6. This is an important lesson, to learn to 'ache to do his will'...! Maybe not even a lesson because that desire can so quickly wane at times. I suppose even aching to ache, as you clearly do, counts for a lot though, so blessings as you seek his will and celebrate doing it!

  7. I want a heart that longs for more than just deliverance
    one that aches to do His will.

    ruthiey... your heart is so tender, so pure... i hear your longing, and i know he does too. and he's going to honor you for this longing. bless you sister.

  8. *nodding* I want that type of heart too!

  9. I’m here from Emily’s

    This makes me wish I had said yes to those Jesus geeks in High School. Instead it took another decade to find Our Lord. So much would have been different. It’s my only regret about God – not knowing him sooner. You have wisdom – and you still have so much time ahead of yu to walk deeper and deeper into him. Godspeed on your journey. Your words were theology with heart. Amen – amen.

    God bless and keep you and all of yours.

  10. hey there...thanks for the comment.been writing poetry about 18 months...always wrote short story until a commentor challenged me to write poetry....self taught just figuring it out as i go along...

  11. Nice verse so nicely written, Ruthiey!
    Loved your creative blog :)
    All the best
    Marinela x

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