Friday, April 1, 2011

You Must Walk

I've been neglecting the bloggie. I assure you I am doing many useful and urgent things... not the least of thinking about doing my taxes. It's April already! I'm going crazy.

In further news, Michael Buble and Celtic Thunder make for great math music. My very skillful brother Andrew is helping me and being done with math seems like a possibility again. For realz.
I'm off to babysit the Prince and Co. Maybe we'll paint some nails tonight. I straightened my hair (that happens so rarely) and I think they'll be very surprised.

Here's the quote I wrote in my journal this morning. It reminds me of my word for the year - Obey. I pray it encourages you.

If you want to walk with God, why, of course, you must walk! If you sit down in idleness, you cannot walk with Him and if you do not keep up a good brisk pace, He will walk on in front of you and leave you behind, for the Lord is no laggard in his walking.
Therefore, you see, there must be diligent progress and activity in service in order that we may keep pace with him and have communion with Him and if we act thus here, He has promised that we shall be in the place of communion with our Beloved Master."
Spurgon's We Endeavour


Listening to Michael Buble - Save The Last Dance For Me


  1. Painty nails! And shocking with straightened hair! Yay!

  2. Michael Buble is some of the best study music...for anything!

  3. spirituality is a constant conciousness and active engagement, of course you can do that sitting at times, jesus even had his alone time but it was focused in spirit...