Sunday, January 2, 2011

Trust And Obey - An Expose Of Many Things

God has been teaching me about trust for the past couple years. That's probably why two of my favorite songs are The Safest Ledge and Whatever You're Doing (Something Heavenly). I feel like God's taken to my limits so he can show me his limitlessness. He is in control. I trust him. He's safe.

While I'm not saying that my lesson of trust is over and done, I feel like God is moving me on. He's pushing me to take what I've learned and live it. He wants me to act on all the beautiful promises and to step out in belief.

Take the tune of the song out of your head for a moment and just dwell on the perfect relationship between the two words, trust and obey. When you trust, you get into that state where you don't have to be perfect, then your obedience can be to please God, not to live up to some impossible standard. It's this beautiful swirly tornado.

Here are some bits of the catalyst. A Beth Moore quote:

"God determined that if His servant was going to step into a holy moment, he'd better do it with bare feet. 'And Joshua did so.' If I could get a clue about the greatness of God, I'd be mortified by all the times He told me to do something and the record showed, 'And Beth did not do so.' Help me, Lord."

When I was in high school, I had this amazing youth pastor, Kempton. One day, he basically went through and acted out a bunch of animals - all the frogs and gnats in Egypt, Balaam's donkey, a worm - and how they listened when God told them to obey and did it right away. I think he leapt off the stage at one point. That's how cool my youth pastor is. ;) Anyway, then he gets down to it and says, "All of the animals know to take God seriously and they hop to it when he talks to them. And when we hear from God, we say 'no' and just brush it off. What's wrong with us?"

The fact that I heard that about a year ago and it's stuck with me testifies to how much it impacts me. What is wrong with me? How can the words of God Almighty mean so little to me?

So yeah, for 2011, I'm knee-deep in trust and instigating obedience. Yep. Instigating.

Lotsa love.



  1. You're so amazing, Ruthiey. I love you.

    I totally understand... I have such huge trouble listening to God. And trusting Him.

    I know He's teaching me something amazing right now, I'm not sure exactly how to classify it, but it's glorious.

  2. Love it! Deep thoughts on a big issue (trust is something that God has hammered into my head over the past year) praying that God continues the good work He's begun in you!