Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blogger Breakdown

Sometimes, I seriously wonder why I have a blog. Whether it means anything to anyone, whether I'm just putting myself out there uselessly and needlessly. I want to make my blog posts more about quality rather than quantity. This blog is sometimes the place where I spill petty thoughts and bad attitudes and that doesn't help anyone.

So here's an apology and a resolution. I want to encourage in any way I can. Not stop being real, but be intentional about the realness of God.

Here's to 1-1-11. Let's dance.



  1. Ruthiey, don't you dare stop posting on this blog, and even your randomnesses are good and funny, and your serious is encouraging.
    It's one of my favorite blogs to look at. I just can't think of anything to comment, but I check it every day. *fiersome glare*

  2. Ditto the first comment Ruthiey!! It's because of your blog that I just read "Choosing to See" which I probably never would have otherwise. Also, because of your blog, I have also been blessed by your links to other blogs. Because I refuse to get Facebook, it's one small way I keep connected to you guys so I love posts that involve your brothers and sisters. I too check it every day to see if there is anything new. You are a sweet girl and a huge blessing to many people! Auntie Connie

  3. I feel that way a lot, too, Ruthiey. ^_^ But I love that you post often, it's one of the things I look forward to checking every day on the internet and when there are no posts to read, it's sad.

    And what Erin said is so true. Listen to her, I agree. *g*

  4. I agree with Erin (and everyone else). Don't EVER stop posting. I love reading it...and I do read everything...eventually...even if I don't comment. :)