Friday, December 31, 2010

Blog Posts That Changed My Life

On the sixth day of Christmas, she posted some posts that are true love.

Here at the end of 2010, I'm going to share links to posts that stuck with me after I read them. The way these bloggers write and the ideas they shared literally changed my life.

Keri - What To Wear "If I’m wearing sweats it’s because I chose it, not because there weren’t other options available to me."
Amanda - Froot Loops At Target? "How about your Target bathroom?"
Holley - What Will We Do With Our Words? "Words can be weapons. I've become afraid of words - of what they can do."

Vicki - Composers "Men are generally pretty level in their emotions. They don't have crises all the time or emotional meltdowns, etc. So when they do, it surprises them, and they have to respond."
Bianca - Serving Size "I'm going to break all diet rules and jump off the weight-wagon when it comes to spiritual matters. Stop being content with serving sizes. Gorge, pig-out, stuff your heart with the goodness of God. "

Check them out! Happy New Year, everyone.


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  1. What Will We Do With Our Words is totally what I want to do. That is the biggest thing I want to do with my life right now (and, I think, it was before, too, I just didn't realize it as strongly as I have been realizing it). I want to be the one that stands between my brothers and sisters in Christ and their pain, because I know what that pain can feel like and I don't want them to suffer. And, even if I can't help (or it seems like it), I can always do my best to build them up. And it's so, so, so amazing to do that. So beautiful, and so lovely. ^_^

    Also, if I do anything word-wise that hurts you, I want to know, because I know how the little random words can hurt, and I want to know what I say that I don't realize, so I can fix it and never do it again. ^_^

    Happy New Year! I love you! =)