Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Two Songs That Resonate In My Soul Lately

The Band Perry - Independence

I gotta get gone, gone, gone
Shooting like a gun, a gun, a gun
Skipping like a stone, stone, stone
Far as I can run to where freedom is free
There's a road like a long gray ribbon far as I can see
And it's pulling independence out of me

House Of Heroes - Sooner Or Later

I feel it pulling me lately, 
like I want more than all I've known. 
like graceful winds have blown my heart off shore,
and with this untapped energy,
we'll carve our names in the unknown, 
with goodness always nipping at our heels. 
Will we be... baby’s on fire like the colors of fall
the radio's up - we're under control - but sooner or later,
sooner or later you want it all.


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  1. i have been jamming to the new jack is amazing...