Sunday, May 6, 2012

Working Out And Prayer

Andrew and I are workout buddies. Lately, we've been jamming to P90X and it is hard. But sometimes the hardest part is talking ourselves into actually beginning the workout. Especially the ones where you do like three millon pushups. (The good news of that one is I can actually do a real pushup now! More than one!)

One thing that Tony Horton says is, "Turn your mind off. Just keep pressing play." Basically, don't give yourself the option of whether or not you're going to do it. 

I like that. Translate it over to reading the Bible and praying. God tells us he will bless those who wait on him. Waiting isn't that hard. It is, but it isn't. You show up and wait in a heap, piling up your troubles before God and he will bless you. You show up and wait, writing a list of thanksgiving for joys and he will bless you

Paul Miller writes about prayer in his book A Praying Life:

The difficulty of coming just as we are is that we are messy. And prayer makes it worse... Nothing exposes our selfishness and spiritual powerlessness like prayer. 
In constrast, children never get frozen by their selfishness.. they come just as they are, totally self-absorbed. As parents or friends, we all know that. In fact, we are delighted (most of the time) to find out what is on their little hearts... 
This is the gospel, the welcoming heart of God. God also cheers when we come to him with our wobbling, unsteady prayers. Jesus does not say, "Come to me, all who have learned how to concentrate in prayer, whose minds no longer wander, and I will give you rest." No, Jesus opens his arms to his needy children and says, "Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest." 
The criteria for coming to Jesus is weariness. Come overwhelmed with life. Come with your wandering mind. Come messy.

Just show up. Don't give yourself the option. Show up and you will find rest and blessing. 

Also, if you think of it, please pray for my little Babs. She going to be getting her tonsils out on Friday and we're trying to get/keep her well enough for her surgery.


Poema - 2 AM (love these girls and their amazing harmony)


  1. got her covered in prayer...and i like your analogy as well...keep showing up and dont give yourself an option

  2. Hey Ruthiey - praying for dear Abigail... I have found to help my mind from wandering is to pray out loud. Nice to see a few new posts on your blog! Auntie C.