Monday, June 18, 2012

Things I Like

So this morning and afternoon, I took pictures of things that I love and enjoy. I like...

when Jak is home for breakfast,

my good-morning hair,

my mum's homemade apricot granola,


an imperfect yet brazenly showy lily,

a postcard from a friend visiting London, 

my morning coffee in my favorite green mug, 

a demure royal-purple flower, spattered with fresh rain,

a day off, 

the shine of my new bible's pages compared to the worn-out ones of my old,

the peace and restoration in Ezekial 34 <3,

a new lipstick shade called Lilac Frost,

a date at Culvers, 

with my one and only baby sister Babs! 

Thanks to everyone who prayed for her. Her tonsils came out wonderfully and she read stacks and stacks of books (probably forty) in the two weeks of her recovery.

What do you like today? 


Listening to Girl's Day - Cupid 


  1. you eat granola with chopsticks? you got better skills than i do...ha...smiles...sounds like some nice things...and glad to hear the tonsils came out ok...

  2. Yes, to see the little things in life--all gifts from our majestic King!

  3. This is really a fun idea! I love it and might have to do a post like this on my blog. :)

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