Saturday, November 27, 2010

Awake, O Sleeper

I went to babysit some of my favorite people this morning! They're all obsessed with nail-polish. The Prince knows he shouldn't wear it, though. "Only princesses wear nail polish, not princes." But he does my nails. I now have dark blue on my left foot and the aqua gray blue on my right. Baby did my fingernails and I have dark blue splashes on my left hand and gummy cream color on my right. I seriously love those kids.

In further news, I am deciding to become a ventriloquist, a fabulous dancer and an olympic quality swimmer. I'll update you on that later.

I took a two hour nap today. It was lovely.

I have a verse that has been sticking to the inside of my head, bouncing around and flittering in and out.

Awake, O sleeper and arise from the dead and Christ will shine on you.

That doesn't even make sense when you first look at it. Awake, O sleeper, from the dead? And isn't God the one who does the awakening? How are we supposed to wake ourselves up? I believe this verse is talking to those who are already believers and are walking in deeds of darkness. They're asleep to life in Jesus. They claim the name, but live an entirely different life. So often I feel like I'm right there. I'm a living, God-breathing miracle who has moved into the enemy camp and gotten so comfortable that I've curled up and fallen asleep. I don't belong there, lying amidst the tents of wickedness, hidden from the light of Christ. I need to wake up, arise from among the dead and look to Christ for his light. Every morning, he's there and I just need to come and surrender. I'm coming, Father. Shine on me.


Listening to David Crowder - Revolutionary Love

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  1. Lots of variety. =D That's awesome.

    I know a little boy (our pastor's son) who likes nail polish, too. He was very sad when his parents said he couldn't get his nails painted. ^_^