Monday, January 4, 2010

Photo Op!

So I finally went to babysit my kids.
The Prince and Princess were not into the book, even though it was about turnips! Man alive!
The Prince's two little friends - Tienna and Naneechee.
Self portrait!
He takes really good pictures, too, minus the finger. Ha!
Me and the Prince
Me and Kiddo (I'm Teeno to her)
Me and the Princess.
BABY! She's the newest addition around there and quite popular. I love youngest children - they act like the attention is no big deal.

Well, I'm distracting my littlest sister from her math, so expect another update on something or another sometime soon! Haha, way to over-generalize enthusiastically!

Oh, I'm making Irish Soda Bread right now. Should be ready soonish. Props to Bialystoker! I might even take pictures... Furthermore, that hat I was deciding about has become my favorite bad hair day fix. YAY FOR HATS! I wish I'd discovered them sooner.

One more thing - Danielle from Fell 4 Fashion left me a comment on my last post and I was so surprised and delighted! She is my favorite fashion blogger ever! She's funny, talented, a Curly Girl too (yay!) and loves Jesus! Thanks for making my day, Danielle!


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