Friday, January 1, 2010

I Made Meself an Omelet

I made myself breakfast at stupid o'clock in the morning. actually, I was pretty happy then because i'd just buzzed myself with coffee sludge. I took a frying pan and heated it up at 6 on the gas stove.
dab of smart balance. it started hissing, so i turned the heat down.
took an egg and beat it, snipped in green onions, avoiding the withered ones
newest favorite sauce! dab or two of that
omeletness = niceness and protein to keep me full
of course, my coffee... that was my second cup and it wasn't even seven
all done
had a chocolate muffin too - still thinking about it
locker at work and no, I'm not telling you the combination
it was sort of dreary outside, but I like the feel of this picture. this was just before I went inside and changed out of my ginormous polar bear coat and plodding snow boots into my favorite h&m green blouse and jak's vest.

why this post? why the lack of capitals? I've been having this odd nesting instinct, or rather a grasping instinct. I need to hold on and enjoy the things in life and give myself room to be emotional. at the same time. last night I basically had a panic attack, imagining my family all dying in an accident with a drunk driver while they were driving home from church. it still makes me cry to think about it. it's ok. God made it better and calmed me down, but i felt so devastated just thinking about it, even though nothing had happened.

yeah, that's me right now.



  1. dear, i'm praying for you. <3 i had no excellent advice about your major decision, so i kept silent there. :)
    hey, that looks almost like my favourite hot sauce!

  2. oooh, your omlet is making me hungry! Love your winter plate :)