Sunday, November 28, 2010

Someone To Wander With

Jak and I went for our first official Sunday walk since she's been back. We both borrowed our brother Andrew's footwear. She took his boots and I wore his steel-toed shoes. I think he was a little annoyed but he's a good sport. We went to Walmart and I bought three sweet potatoes, some bubblegum and a tube of lipgloss. I'm so glad I have someone to wander with.

You might notice that there's a bit of a different look. This blog is under construction! Expect cool other things coming later! (how's that for an enticing teaser? I do the best I can. ^_^) Mostly, I'm just planning to finish my About Me page and change the layout, hopefully get a new header, one with a picture. So yeah... that's about it.

Furthermore, we're having a great time with our Oma who is here from Canada! We've stayed in a lot with coffee and hot tea, but sometimes we venture out to go shopping. I can't think of a nicer vacation! Plus we have better deals in the states. Just sayin.

Goodbye kids. Don't forgot to eat your sweet potato soup.


Listening to Sanctus Real - Half Our Lives


  1. Yay, wandering walks. Plus random shopping. 0=) And cool shoes.


  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! Great to have found yours. I, too, love to wander with someone worth wandering with. And there is something sweetly satisfying about a brand new lip gloss. Glad you got to enjoy both! Looking forward to checking out your About Me page. :)