Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Sunday Walk

(PreNote - Good news! I can still post pictures.)

Jak and I went on our traditional Sunday walk this afternoon. Generally, we walk for more than an hour and catch each other up on our lives, discuss issues we have and sometimes fight just so we can make up.
Since she's going to New Zealand next Sunday, this will be the last walk we take together for a long time.
I wuv you, Jaksie!
On the way, wading through calf-high snow (me in my Nikes, yikes!), we found animals tracks. A mouse, we thought, and I imagined it was a poor mother mouse lugging a bag of food back to her ungrateful children and that mark alongside the tracks was where she'd paused for a moment to rest her back.


Listening to - Small Daring Boy

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