Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Right Where You Want Me

This post is long and rambly - be forewarned.
Sitting in the airport, it was a red-eye flight and so quiet. No one talks to each other in a airport unless they're intentionally flying together.
I was thrilled to be up so early in the morning. By this time, it was a little after six.
My plane! I took this picture as it careened out of control and smashed into the side of the airport. I managed to avoid the explosion. They pulled a new one out of the hanger so my flight left a little late. After we got in the air, there were orange strings of morning traffic on the ground below.
This is the rainbow colored sunrise - red, orange, yellow, pink, green, blue and purple - seriously awesome. I felt jittery and excited, but then I slept for a bit.
The sun had risen once I woke.
I took pictures in the airplane bathroom. ^_^
Once there, I got moved in and we played Rummikub. Uncle Bert was goooood.
Oma and I tried vainly to beat him.
Then I tried again, at chess. Not a good combination with my jet lag.

Days with Oma and Opa were quiet. I got up early to go running and enjoy skies full of stars.
I played the organ. Loudly.
Oma made me play over and over until I could get through a piece with no mistakes.
An "action" shot.

My dearest Mum and Daddio's wedding picture hangs in Oma and Opa's room
Dearest Auntie Evey and Uncle Jimmy.

My very attractive running hair style. Speaking of hair... Oma asked if she could brush out my hair, so one night I let her.
With a pink dye job, I could be a clown.
Oma taught me how to make elephants out of orange peels.
Opa had had his stroke early Tuesday morning. This was Thursday morning at breakfast. Oma had called the doctor and gotten an appointment for 2:40.
We read the bible and I cleaned up the kitchen, washing everything by hand, needing everything to be in order. Something told me this morning was different.
Something told me Opa wasn't going to be coming home.
At the doctor's office, Opa was doing okay. He couldn't walk by himself, but he was making sense in mostly everything he said.
He was definitely affected by the stroke though. It took Dr. De Waal about ten minutes before he'd reached a diagnosis. "John, you can't go home. Alice can't take care of you anymore. I'm going to call the hospital and see if they have a bed."
Opa started crying and so did I and Oma. It was a moment of painful realization. Opa wasn't well anymore. I'd prayed though, that the doctor would be decisive and not leave it up to Oma and God answered that prayer completely.
He asked if his room would have a window. He loved the outdoors and God's creation and keenly missed his ability to walk. My mum spoke at the funeral and she posted what she said here on her blog.
This is the last picture of Opa that I'm putting in this post. I think more wouldn't be helpful.

On a bad hair day, I experimented with a turban. Using my scarf, I tied and tucked it.

Bialy and I hung out.
My aunties came. Here's Evey and Mary Jane talking on the couch. It was like having four moms all at once when they came. ^_^
My beautiful Auntie Connie writing a thank-you note for the hospital staff.
Gracie, Connie, Mary and Timmy the Teddy.
Auntie Evey in a rare moment when she's sitting. ^_^ I like to tease her about how much she runs around. There's always something to be done.
Oma made me this beautiful bag from a pattern that Gracie gave her.
Sunset from the kitchen window.
A lovely, ginormous salad, but I would skip the mock crab if I made it again.
It was a happy salad too.

Coffee Time is at 10:00am and Tea Time is at 3:00pm every day. They were not to be missed.
It was strange having tea without Opa. We visited him every day at the hospital at lunchtime, fed him lunch (he couldn't eat by himself) and then came home for tea.
A traditional Dutch dinner, potatoes, meat and beans.
Pudding, yogurt and jam for dessert.
Ryan's Cappuccino Irish Cream - an exquisite blend of fresh cream, rich chocolate, coffee, and natural vanilla added to the finest imported Irish Whiskey - is my newest favorite thing to have in my coffee.
I made lemon treats. I call them sunshine cupcakes.

Scrumptious meal
with pudding and strawberries.
I spent a lot of time on this road. It was close to ideal for running.
My good morning face. =P
The sky seems more huge there and the colors more tender.
I started finding my footprints in the snow everywhere on the road.
Auntie Cupcake! She bought lipstick because she's a big girl now. ^_^
Hey Auntie, I got lipstick, too now. We can be grown-up together.
Timmy and I watched Pastor Piper with Oma. The doctrine of future grace is mind-blowing. After watching an hour one night, I said to Oma, "We can't watch anymore, Oma. My head's about to explode from trying to wrap itself around what he's saying." I'd heard it before, but I didn't feel like I knew it.
I read the Scarlet Pimpernel there, too. LOVE THAT BOOK. Unfortunately, someone who had read it decided they needed to edit it. They crossed out words and wrote their own stupid dialogue and completely useless comments in there.
That made me so mad I couldn't see straight to read.
Bialy and her sisters visited. We wrote perfectly horrid but delightful short stories.
At Young People's, we studied Jacob. There's Auntie Icecream to the right.
I love the young people here. They're so welcoming.
Babytime! This lil squish named Aaron gave me my little kid fix for the week.
Then it was time to go home.
Thanks to Auntie Connie, I had a book to read and an exquisite peppermint white chocolate mocha. I also was showered with gifts and notes from all my aunties. I love you, guys!
I heard over and over and felt so much that I was there at just the right time. It's so true. I got to see Opa before he got really sick and got to know him better. I was there to help Oma and I had daily opportunities to trust my dear heavenly Father. God, you've filled my life with love. Your works are perfect.



  1. Thank you dear Ruthie for the incredible post. It was very emotional to see the photo's of Opa at the Doctor's office and especially what you wrote. You made me cry, but that's okay.
    Love you, Auntie Connie

  2. Beautiful post, darling.
    You have such an eye for color- it's amazing! Love the action shot of you practicing. I'm told I use that expression, too. And the old wedding pictures- so elegant! I don't see too many brides who dress that tastefully anymore. And is that red cabbage sautéed with apples and caraway (in the picture of the lovely dinner)?
    I'm so glad you were able to go on that visit. Sounds like it was really special. <3

  3. Wow Ruthiey, this post is really touching. I will have to keep up with your blogging more often!