Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All In Fear Of Falling

second coffee on a gray Georgia morning
standing at the foot of a great mystery
fresh from scribbling in a bible study book
about the man after God's own heart*
and the look, the asking
the taking and the baby-making
when he became a father
when he became a murderer

how did he, once close to God,
break six commandments all at once
how did love turn to indifference
devotion to rebellion
and could my own heart
so full of words and prayers and phrases
dissipate like that

does that mean we're all in fear of falling
jumping, running
from the Truth we all now know
does that mean Kempton, Nick or Bebo,
men who follow after God,
might lean away, lose the fight
(not the battle, just the fight)
everyday my pastor prays
and I join in brokenly,
crying from a desperate place

Father God, please keep me faithful
keep me walking in your way


Listening to Kristian Stanfill - You Will Always Be


  1. We are all in danger, but there is no better prayer. You are beautiful, and so is your poem.

  2. How did he break 6 commandments all at once? Love that question. All sinners we, and all in fear of falling.
    So beautiful!

  3. Hello fellow scribbler. :) What a lovely place you have here. He is faithful to keep us.

  4. A thousands yes's to this: "Father God, please keep me faithful keep me walking in your way." By His Love may I abide there always.

  5. I'm a scribbler too. And the 6 commandment breaking man is a hero to me. If he can be a man after God's own heart, so can I. Be Not Afraid. Thanks Ruthiey

  6. Ruthiey life is so full of mysteries....i love the devotion in your words and heart....this is a beautiful! :-)

  7. i think it shows how even a man close to Gods heart can fall...we are all at risk if we choose to let our guard down...

  8. I just read that story today. I don't want to fall!

  9. I have read that story so many times and have wondered the same. Seems so easy to fall...

  10. dang, i so get this...

  11. I too loved that question, how did he break 6 commandments at once? Really got my attention. Falling, failing is so easy it almost seems inevitable. Yet I am also frightened of how fast sin seems to snowball. From coveting his neighbor's wife to murder in the blink of an eye. It's so hard to rest in His faithfulness, but that is what I have. His faithfulness, my own is shaky.

  12. We all fall, the scrap and cuts never bleed because He catches us.

  13. I hear ya. It just breaks my heart when someone in ministry falls. But my pastor always preaches about how those doing God's work tend to get spiritually attacked more.

    Nice write. Stopping by from Imperfect Prose.

  14. little girl, keep that fear. oh, keep it, and you will love Him. and pray for me -- that i will, too.

  15. I hear this deep in my heart. I desire to follow hard after Him, always.

  16. "Father God, please keep me faithful
    keep me walking in your way"...yes...may we all be counted as faithful...recognizing our sin...quickly repentant...leaning closer to Him

  17. oh wow, friend... i know this fear, i think maybe it's a righteous fear, one that keeps us trembling and needing our father... so well written. thank you for linking.

  18. "devotion to rebellion" -- how i've walked there. so glad that the stories in the bible aren't foofed up for churchy people.

    how i marvel at his grace ... great post!

  19. This is such a good prayer, one we should be praying every day. It really is amazing how God protects us from ourselves sometimes, isn't it!

  20. Wow, Ruthiey, this is fantastic. Raw and rebellious. Honest.

    I discovered you through 'imperfect prose'. Thanks for a great visit. I'll be back.