Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Looking Back


I just wanted to share some lovely links that I've come across in the past weeks. Hope you are as blessed by these amazing people and ideas as I am.

Jonathan writes about where his arms can't reach.

Chelsey thanks God for the return of a prodigal brother.

25 ways to wear a scarf!

Stephen says, "Even if you didn't choose this particular adventure, be faithful."

My brother's playful advice on how to wreak revenge using only the leaves you've raked.

Amy makes a delightful happy birthday tribute to her husband.

Sarah says, "Don't be embarrassed of you. You have been created to fumble and stumble along at times." 

How to Pray 24-7-365 - YES! I'm going to write this out and paste it all over my walls!

One Direction likes The Way You Look Tonight and I'll send that compliment right back to them. I won't hide my love for boy bands, people.

Check out the Tab feature I just added on the right! I'm going back through my posts and tagging them so you can just pick a specific topic to read and you'll find posts on that topic in my archives. It's pretty nifty.


thankful with Ann for - 

652 the gift of concentration
653 pumpkin coffee - a great-tasting paradox
654 passing along fun facts to friends
655 many fiery-fall trees - joyful orange, secretive red, pertinent yellow
656 reassurance that the waiting will be worth it
657 great new pink backpack
658 the substancial hope of Psalm 27
659 friends who will pray again again for me
660 that God is a fortress that even in my worst moments of rebellion I cannot tear down
661 a simple solution to a broken dryer
662 my sixteen year old brother praying a birthday blessing on Esther's fourteenth
663 the joy and life in Jak's eyes when she talks about cosmotology school and the challenges she's enjoying
664 substitutes


  1. funny i am drinking pumpkin coffee right now...wondering about the solution to the dryer as well...smiles.

    off to check a few links...

  2. Darn it, now I really want to try pumpkin coffee. (I was just talking to my sister a couple days ago about making pumpkin chai, with actual blendered up pumpkin pie filling - real, not canned - with chai and then whipped cream on top. O_o I need to try it. XD)