Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heart Shapes

When my sister Jak read this post, she texted me, "Hey, we should make biscuits together sometime!" So the very next day, she came over and we made biscuits. 

After 15 min in 500 degrees, they came out hot, tall and fluffy, just like biscuits should be. But these weren't ordinary biscuits.

I made heart-shaped biscuits! Because this is a blog about love and all... :D

I made lots and lots, because I love my family. 

Yummy with butter and honey. If anyone is curious, I used this recipe, but I just used regular white flour instead of the cake flour. They turned out great, but seriously, handle the dough as little as possible

I put this picture up because I know Stephen has a tremendously great sense of humor and does not mind looking like a zombie on occasion. Also, I love Daviey's expression of disbelief and hilarity.

Babs enjoyed the biscuits as well. 

And no, she didn't eat them all. I helped. Most everyone did. Good thing Daviey and his fiancee (I always want to capitalize that word because I'm so excited) Abbie were visiting so they could eat biscuits too. 

Oh and if anyone was wondering what kind of dates they enjoy, one evening, Abbie pierced Esther's ears. Yep. With a sewing needle and thread. Look at 'em. Daviey, the RN, calmly icing Esther's ear and Abbie, the sculpter's assistant, deftly doing the deed.

They are quite the pair, I'm telling you. Perfect for each other. ^_^

This intense picture captures the experience for Esther. Good thing she had two experts to do it.


Cheerio pip pip, ol' gang! I've been missing for an entire week. As a sort of apology and an attempt to relieve my own mind, I redid my blog template. If ya like it, I'm glad. :) If not and you happen to be an expert in html, I'd love to pick your brain for information!

Also, anyone have any new music recommendations? I'd love to hear them! The music doesn't have to be newly released, just new to you.


Listening to Dave Barnes - Miles To Go (this is such an encouraging song!)


  1. nice..i like the new digs...

    so do they taste better heart shaped? ha.

    listening to The Muse and The Script right now...

  2. Eaaarrrinnngs! Congratulations to the gal! =D

    Aw MAN, now I really want biscuits! Curse you, why you always gotta write about food? XD

  3. I love the picture of you two special sisters at the top. I miss both of you bunches!


  4. So do I. I'm totally lovin' your sisters hair..I'm almost envious, actually:P