Saturday, October 15, 2011

How To Make Newsprint Nails

You know those patterned nails that are popular right now? The leopard and black lace print ones? I went looking for some and found out they were almost eight bucks. Eight bucks?? I don't want to spend eight bucks on nail decoration, especially since my nail polish rarely stays perfect for more than a day.  Stephen is actually the one who found inspiration for this on the interwebs someplace. So, props to the brother!

I want to show you an easy, much less expensive way to get some fun patterned fingernails. Newsprint nails are perfect for Communication majors. Or anyone else who loves words and if you're a blogger, well, you probably love words. Unless you're a guy blogger, then you love words, but you probably don't love nail polish that much. :) Hope you enjoy! 

Some other fun suggestions are trying numbers, Sudoku puzzles, cartoons and colored newspaper!


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  1. that is actually really cool...and while i dont paint my nails i will share this...

  2. I saw this the other day on a blog and I thought it was super cute but we don't have any good white nail polish. :(

  3. I am going to do my nails like this!! I have everything except the newspaper. >.<

    Thanks for the helpful DIY.

  4. That is freaking awesome. I should totally try this. (And maybe with a few other ink-y things, too. Methinks small pictures would work.)

  5. My friend did her nails like this last Wednesday and I saw them and was like, "WOAH! That's so cool!! How did you do that??" (that normal question :P) And so she told me the abridged version on how to do it. And that night my brother Joshua (you actually went on the 2009 mission trip to Perlington with him. ;) ) told me about it cause he must have seen it on your anyways...I tried it and it's AWESOME!! I'm gonna try it different ways now. :D (like....different colors and prolly pictures and stuff :D yippee!) Thanks for posting! :)