Saturday, March 5, 2011

Flying Again

Random bathroom plane picture from this post. Guess what? Yep, I'm flying again. Monday afternoon, I'm flying to Georgia to help my Grandma and Aunt. Thank God my work schedule worked out to give me a week off. I promise to take pictures in the plane bathroom.


Listening to Steven Curtis Chapman - Cinderella

269 boundaries
270 letting a five-year-old take fifty pictures with my camera
271 hair dye that's cheap and works
272 selling our fifteen passenger
273 talks with God while driving
274 driving to work with my sister Jak under the blue morning sky
275 a clean bathroom, even if it's only clean for the next six hours
276 a popcorn cheezit mix
277 a bike which runs beautifully
278 the smell of caramel corn made with real butter
279 reading an old story of mine to my little sisters


  1. I'm going flying on Tuesday! Should I take some too for solidarity?
    I love flying alone. :D

  2. I do not understand the wild attraction to taking airplane bathroom pictures.

    And I miss you, Ruthiey. *pout*