Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Breakfast Sundae

This is what I ate for breakfast. Are you jealous? You should be.

This is a brekky sundae that I made, inspired by Chocolate-Covered Katie. I call it the Banachocolanutter. The main ingredient was frozen, blended banana, also called banana whip which is similar to icecream. Then I made a chocolate peanut butter sauce, poured it on, sprinkled some raw oatmeal on for crunch and then cut up chocolate shavings. I LOVED IT!

Major potassium points for me. ^_^

In further news, I went out with Gina-Bean. I had expresso-flavored half and half. And it was amazing. She's amazing. God's amazing!

Furtherer news, I'm going on a missions trip tomorrow morning and will not be back til the Thirtieth. (don't know why I capitalized that and wah, I'm still not packed!) If you could, please PRAY for me. We just lost a team member to shingles. Not death-loss, thankfully, but she's not coming. Pray for her. Pray for our team without her. Just pray that God would be there.


Listening to Three Doors Down - Kryptonite


  1. Yay! Awesomeawesomawesomesauce! Thank you so much for taking me out! It was fun! And I'm still hyper. ^_^ I think I'm weirding John out. Or maybe (more likely) he's probably laughing at me. XD

    AND I WILL BE PRAYING!!!!!! (see, I need a chill pill! yikes!)

    [redgedge] (that totally should be my new nickname--I'm reg! and I live on the edge! XDDD)

  2. oh yummy! looks amazing baby!

    I am praying for you darling. Have a blessed time.

  3. oh man. i'm going to have to try that.... does raw oatmeal taste okay when you don't soak/cook/pulverise it before consuming?
    praying for you on your trip. :) a lengthy email should await you on your return.

  4. Oh wow, YES I AM jealous! It looks gorgeous! :)

  5. Hey
    Ya that looks Good!!! Yummy!!
    I am Nadia Jacobson, you dad knows my dad XD
    tried to find you on Facebook, but it came up with your blog so your dad told me to write here.

    So where did you go for the Mission trip? What did you do? i was about to go to India for a mission trip but my dad wanted me to wait a year to see what had to be done first.