Sunday, June 9, 2013


Seemed appropriate that easyJet has orange coloring since we were flying to The Netherlands and orange is one of their favorite colors.

Amsterdam Centraal sure is beautiful and orange.

Bikes and cool window designs. 

Of course, the first food we ate when we got to The Netherlands was Thai food. Sorry mom!

But it was so good!

Walking along the canals. I really enjoyed Amsterdam because it felt familiar. My mum has always decorated with items from her dutch heritage.

And I'd read books about big wheels of cheese. The Dutch love their cheese!

It was very exciting to go into cheese shops and even more exciting to sample the cheese. The baby gouda and smoked goats cheese were my favorites.

Yes, that is a Chinese restaurant boat on the left. What can I say, Amsterdam is diverse. 

View from the top of the Amsterdam Library. Down in the library, they had the coolest kids section I've ever seen. It was so intriguing, I went down to hang out for awhile. I got some strange looks from little kids coming past.

Later while meandering, I found a bunch of tents with people selling anything you can imagine. It was like the world's biggest garage sale.

Here's Hannah talking to that boy she likes in the courtyard of our awesome hostel.

Dutch cheese platter, FTW. Tasty crackers, nice sweet grapes and four kinds of cheeses, a stinky cheese, a strong hard cheese, brie and a lovely Port Salut. Did I impress you with my cheese knowledge? That's what I thought.

Some giant was playing with their Easter Hersey wrappers.

If you look closely, you'll see me! Magic.

The Dutch love their pancakes and waffles

And I love their waffles too. Yum. Butter rum ice cream on top of a light, warm waffle, plus powdered sugar. Me + powdered sugar = a mess every time, but a delicious one.

My beautiful Jak. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of all our adventures in Holland here so you'll have to ask me for more stories and pictures when you see me in person.

Even the airport has wooden shoes! At this point, Jak and I split up. It was amicable parting, I promise. She was off to Scotland to meet up with our excellent brother Joseph and I was glad to hang out for a bit long in Holland before leaving for Prague. 

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  1. Hey Ruthiey! Okay, so I am a little biased, but this is one of my favorite posts... so great to see the pictures of Holland.
    Auntie Connie xoxo