Friday, May 31, 2013

How To Get To Naples, Italy

This is the post which marks the time that my camera dies for approximately two weeks and therefore, most of Italy remains undocumented. You'll have to check Jak's blog for pictures of Milan, Naples and Cinque Terre as her camera continued working just fine.

This documents the ferry ride from Messina to Naples.

Hannah and I had both just had a weird reaction to some "provolona" cheese. That was a little scary.

We waited around in the bay before the ferry left.

This was the main cabin we were in. Looks a bit like a big airplane, right?

We claimed a corner by the armchairs. We didn't spring the extra money for an actual room and beds, so we slept in this corner too.

My beautiful Hannah spent some time interviewing us and creating style profiles. Oh the conversations we've had! I don't think I'll ever forget the good times.

Although we got precious little sleep (ever tried to get comfortable on chair arms?), the fact that we got to see the sunset and the sunrise consoled us a lot.

Goodbye Messina. The picture is fuzzy because the smoke flowing out behind the ferry. It smelled naaaasty!

Then we saw the sun rise from behind Mount Vesuvius over the Bay of Naples. Wow. 

The city hove into the view,

and soon we disembarked.

The streets were long and strange, the buildings tall; we felt a little dazed and disoriented as we read street signs and hiked up sloping, cobbled streets. Apparently this city wakes up early, because we saw little old ladies, monks and business people.

Amazingly, we didn't get lost at all. Whenever we had a question, there was a map. Good show, Naples! 

The walk took about a half hour. We learned early on to be patient with each other and to take everything with a grain of salt when we're trekking with our big packs because somehow they strain a nerve that causes grumpiness and cynicism (maybe especially for me). I like to think that I was part of helping Jak and Hannah learn patience. Ha!

Finally we arrived! I was so frustrated to not have my camera working while we stayed at this hostel because it was by far my favorite of all the places we stayed. It felt like a resort with lots of flowers, a pretty landscaped courtyard, and free breakfast that we ate about thirty minutes after this picture was taken. The weather was beautiful while we were in Naples and the hostel had plenty of pretty green armchairs to curl up in to read or blog or just rest.

 As nice as the armchairs were, though, I was thankful for a real bed that night!

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  1. Great pictures! Looking forward to you coming home.