Wednesday, April 10, 2013

11 Awesome Things About Backpacking Around Europe

This is the special post I promised you guys. My awesome brother Joseph suggested I write up things I especially appreciate and I have been having a blast capturing this stuff. I will probably write up some more of these posts or something similar as we go. Enjoy! 

1) The fact that I can pack up my entire life into this pack. Seriously, you say? Seriously. As Jak said, "There's something incredibly exhilarating about being this mobile."

2) Having great food in great places with great people. Ham and cheese on fresh bread in front of Glasgow City Chambers. (Everyone say hi to our new friend Hannah! We also call her Taylor.)

A hot and crispy macaroon in Edinburgh

3) Having time to sit and read and drink three pots of tea

4) Getting so fit from walking everywhere I can lift stones that weigh 250 tonnes.

5) When hostel bathrooms have enough toilet paper. You might think this one is a joke, but no. No way. 

6) Public transportation!


7) Free beauty products in the hostel, even if some are in German... Hmm now I schonheitspflege it onto my kopfhaut? Okay...

8) An alarm free existence 90% of the time.

9) Picnic lunches of an apple, baguettes and Wensleydale with apricots. 

10) Getting a bottom bunk against the wall and away from the window. Both are key because they help protect against awkward clambering and drafts.

11) A strong wifi signal anywhere

Thanks for reading! Love you guys.


  1. Haha love this post! I might have to copy you :) yeah for 2) Having great food in great places with great people! Agree agree!!

  2. Yay awesome things! You make me want to go adventuring. :)

  3. ha. no alarms is def awesome...and wow how fun

  4. Best. I love how poetically thankful you are! I loved the bit about a good book and 3 pots of tea.