Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oh My Life, Glasgow!

Hey y'all, I'm back! Also, I'm alive. And I still love you.

Sorry about the lack of bloggage! Time has gotten away from me and some days there is so much going on that I focus all my mental energy on keeping myself together. Haha, true story. So, I'm doing short recaps of the cities we've toured until we catch up. These will lack a bit of detail, but please enjoy! 

We went to Glasgow cathedral. It was beautiful, with turquoise detailing, but also under repair. Seems like almost everything in Europe is right now... hmm.

It was a very lovely church. It's the oldest medieval cathedral on the Scottish mainland to survive the reformation virtually complete.

Beautiful live lilies that smelled so lovely.

The rest of Glasgow was pretty fun. Isn't this Apple store ironic? 

and some beautiful staircasing in a mall. Cute stuff!

Also, anyone wanna catch some coffee in a castle? Honestly.

We only spent about 24 hours in Glasgow and half were spent sleeping and eating ice cream bars (I kid, I kid... we ate candy bars too), so we didn't really do it justice, but it was a good time anyway!

Hope you all will be patient with me as I catch you up! 

Also this blog post is dedicated to my one and only baby sis, Lil Babs. Thanks for demanding that I post. :D


  1. what a cool coffee shop!!!! that is awesome...and that cathedral is pretty cool as well...been away myself so glad to know you are still living it up...smiles.

  2. How long will you be traveling, Ruthiey? I've been enjoying following your journeys and am wishing I could cure my case of wanderlust. :) Have fun! :D

    1. Three months total! Yes I'm glad you're enjoying my recaps :) God bless! We will have eternity to wander in heaven. Did you know the German word for hiking means to 'wander gladly'? That seems just about right for us :)

  3. Is that last photo taken from the hostel window? The sight is rather familiar. :)

    1. I admit it! You caught me! Good to see you, Heidi! Hope you're well.