Sunday, March 25, 2012

Winter Life

This is death and depression,

withered dreams and broken hearts,

disappointment and exploitation,

dried-up hope,

lost potential and wasted years.

Life in winter. 

It comes and stays so long our forgetful hearts thinks it will always be.

Then in the oddest place, life is stumbled upon,
discovering a slow, building hope

 peace is found in reflection and waiting
in a soft and secret-laden breeze

little bursting sights of life

truth unfurling, triumphing over long-lived lies

reaching out, trusting 

that you will be caught in warmth and security

that purity will reign where once was only shame

and from the deadness, renewal will arise

and light will shine in every corner of darkness.

So wait, wait through your winter

because an explosion, an incredible outpouring of spring is coming.



  1. that last one is really pretty :)

  2. smiles...we all need those fallow seasons....and new life is always just around the corner...

  3. <3<3<3<3
    did you take all those pictures?

  4. amazing this hit me so hard what great pics and thanks for the comment!!! and about the hunger games so mostly what was bad about it was the
    violence.but the movie was great !!!!

  5. This is beautiful...and so encouraging. Thanks for posting! :)

  6. Yes, the Light himself will come for his ....