Monday, September 26, 2011

Sharing Vs. Spilling

Tonight, I have a question and I don't quite know how the answer could or will come, so maybe I'll just hang it out there to dry. Where's the line between a healthy vulnerability and complete oversharing?

Shout out to my friends Vicki and Erin. Seriously, you two are amazing and I love you.


Listening to Semisonic - Closing Time

thankful with Ann -

604 that even permenant hair dye is temporary
605 reliable coworkers
606 chocolate chips and chunky pb
607 parents who sing together
608 a four inch tall pizza creation that involves the whole family
609 the color saturation in the early morning sky
610 the bass drum
611 purple hands from biking around when it's 34 degrees
612 wrong way signs
613 "renown" toilet paper at church ;)
614 George Swinnock
615 spearmint flavored floss


  1. My blog is all of thee above:) I think vulnerability is brave, oversharing is a risk, but you never know what someone will take away from you.

  2. I have a hard time telling the difference, so I tend to go on the side of not saying anything. So if you figure anything out, let me know. =P

  3. as long as it is a mutual conversation and you dont feel uncomfortable and they dont start making faces at are fine...

  4. I think that it's oversharing when you're depending on them more than God, and that it's oversharing when they're not interested. O rsomething like that. Love ya tons. I'll try to call you tomorrow. <3