Monday, April 29, 2013

Carlisle and Lake District

Before leaving Scotland for a bus trip to Carlisle, England, we had a nourishing breakfast of eggs and toast, nutella in yogurt and lots of coffee. Yum.

We spend a lot of time studying maps, it seems.

In Carlisle, we actually spent a lot of time lounging and resting and eating randomly delicious meals.

This one was bakery bread with raspberry jam and brie on it, plus apples and pretzels.

Then, we hopped on a bus for the Lake District. 

I attempted a top knot. Esther, how did I do?

Rainy, moody England. 

As soon as we got there, we set out on a hike. The woods were lovely, dark and deep.*

Ancient, tangled trees.

And we found Mirkwood! Seriously, this wood was so dark and silent it scared me a little. Speaking of Mirkwood, I cannot wait for the second Hobbit movie to come out because Lee Pace is king of Mirkwood!

We struggled up a steep muddy bit, then made it out of Mirkwood onto a sheep hill. I got a muddy shin. We all took a moment to admire this stalwart tree.

Then made it to the top for a marvelous view of misty mountains, gray-blue lake, segmented fields and collections of houses down in Keswick. 

On the way back down, we got lost, but we found this tree shimmering with water droplets.

And then we celebrated with the world's best hot sticky toffee pudding. Pretty sure nothing will top this, ever.

We went to a beautiful lake, the wind chopping up the surface of the water.

Jak being lovely and wind-blown.

Mine own self on a mini stone pier.

Jak and Hannah! Aw, presh!

Jak demonstrated her terrific throwing arm, 

but was not so successful in hand-to-hand combat.

Hannah is a fierce warrior, maybe even part samuri.

She does not spare her foes!

Unfortunately, we did not get to spend much time at all in Keswick and hopped a train the very next day. We hadn't planned quite right and our schedule called, so off we went.

The lush and peaceful scenery made for a pleasant ride.

 I know I will always have good memories of the time I spent here. Sometimes there are so many amazing things I see that I have to keep reminding myself to absorb them and store up all the wonder. God, you made the world such an amazing place!


  1. Ruthiey! You're so close to my school there! I've been to Keswick! Wish I could be there again :) Keep having fun!

  2. Ahhhhhh Ruthiey...I am so delighted that you are having an amazing time... I can hear your voice when I read these posts and I am having as much fun reading your poetic descriptions as I am looking at the wonderful pictures! (I love food pictures, by the way) Thank you for sharing with us - we appreciate it very much.
    Your Auntie Connie xoxo

  3. Thanks for the great laughs. That sword fight should have been videoed for the movies.

  4. :):):) happy happy blog post. Keep having such an amazing time! :D