Monday, November 28, 2011

How I Am Happy


Tonight, I'm thankful with Ann for - 

677 a friend who will ask how I am first and listen even when she's had a bad day
678 Carter, my self-healing iPod
679 a house full of godly women blessing our dear pregnant Amy
680 the snap of a flag in the wind
681 Stephen ordering at drive-through in an old woman's voice
682 giving and getting 
683 scripture reading assignments by text message (you know who you are)
684 little deaths to self everyday
685 to uphold his name, his promise and the desire of his heart, God rescues me
686 victory is inevitable
687 glory comes from a crushed seed that's put into the ground
688 hard situations does not equal joyless situations
689 advanced warning
690 a deep green, brandied pear candle
691 hope despite everything
692 roadtripping with Jak and Stephen to David and Abbie's
693 Abbie's ringtone being 'Lucky I'm in love with my best friend."
694 unlimitedly long naps on Sunday 
695 any of Louie Giglio's talks, especially How Great Is Our God
696 walking slower down the hall at church so I have more time to talk with my sister
697 that Jak is a spiritual sister as well as a bloodforrealz one


Listening to Bebo Norman - Long Way Home 
when we dream this dream for the last time we'll see
that we lived this love for a lifetime... just you and me
'cause you and I, we're going to fly the long way home


  1. nice. louie is awesome...

    and your ipod has a name?

  2. I just love that quote. It's so true! And with God we always have things to be thankful for.