Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thankful For The Sky

thankful with Ann - 
569 malfunctioning internet
570 that the Father's mercy encompasses the farthest extent of my life
571 the front lawn of a gardener, flowers filling every space
572 that the sky is always there to be looked up at, to fill me again with awe and humility
573 glimmery wet grass
574 party in my room with six of my siblings and my friend Emily
575 texting Jak late at night
576 steamy pots of cinnamon apple tea
577 my friend Erin giving away her Bible to a girl she witnessed to
578 free food
579 my sisters unintentionally recreating a Chariots of Fire scene
580 how each season has a soundtrack
581 fresh flowers from the farmer's market

Happy Saturday! 



  1. i hope you have a great saturday as well...

  2. beautiful. <3

    have a blessed saturday.

  3. I got a new Bible that's beautiful and leather. =) I hope she reads it. But God's word doesn't come back void.

    Annd the sky is beautiful. Someday you need to experience a Phoenix sky. =)

  4. Unintentionally a Chariots of Fire scene? I think you're gonna need to tell me about that. XD