Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jesus and Victor

I'm sitting here at my keyboard, going down my Facebook feed and just crying. A family in our church, their fourteen-year-old son Victor died this morning after a long fight with cancer. His story is an amazing one. The W family met him when their other daughter was diagnosed with cancer and Victor was going through chemotherapy at the same time. Victor's family couldn't take care of him and the W family adopted him and he met Jesus. Before he died, he was sharing the gospel with his birth family and shortly before his death, we heard that three of the eight of them had accepted Jesus. He was an amazing little boy. The whole church is mourning.

Patrick - Goodbye Victor, you have blessed my life so much, but now you are held in God's hand and i know you'll never feel pain again. We'll miss you here but i'm also happy for you, because you knew where you were going. You went to go meet Jesus this morning and you'll be with Him forever. I pray for your family and i love you buddy, see you when i get there.

Christina - Goodbye Victor. I will miss ushering with you. Say "hi" to Jesus for me. (:

Karen - Sorrowful...yet rejoicing...

Sarah - Victor was an amazing little boy who has been a light in the darkness. He passed away last night. See you soon little man.

Kelsey - Rest in peace Victor. Praise God for your story and a race well run.

Christina - "We will dance on the streets that are golden—the glorious bride and the great Son of Man. From every tongue and tribe and nation, we'll join in the song of the Lamb." I miss you so much, Victor, but you truly are in a much better place.

His sister Elise posted this song - Matt Maher - Christ is Risen

His dad - Victor Manuel passed into eternity earlier this morning at the age of 14 yrs. He ran a good race, and finished well. To God be the glory forever and ever. Amen.
Good-bye little buddy. See you soon.

Yeah, it probably wasn't any use to put on makeup today. In some ways, these tears are ones of intense joy. Early this morning, he saw the face of King Jesus. He will never be in pain anymore. 
Victor is now a victor is every sense of the word. But I miss him. We miss him.



  1. oh, my heart broke upon this reading. =/ bless you and this family who grieves.

  2. you got me crying sorry...

  3. Now even sadder, my grandfather also had cancer, passd away 3 months ago. still miss him. take care <3

  4. Such a hard thing, but what a wonderful boy.


  5. I'm so glad he's with Jesus and his story is beautiful. I hope Darnetta's story is just as beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing that. It's sad to hear about people dying from cancer, but it's nice to know that it can be beautiful. We just need to get past this time and understand how to go through this.

    So yeah. Thank you.