Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Take Note

A List of Things to Notice:

a) New blog layout! I was tired of the pink. I'm not sure if I love it, but the simplicity eases my mind. =)

b) My brother's poetry blog

c) Amy's bathroom art

That's all. Happy Wednesday!


Listening to Nevertheless - Sleeping In

giving thanks with Ann

364 warm lights from houses across the lake
365 free coffee refills at Caribou
366 inside jokes with friends
367 having a pile of clothes two feet high to give away
368 Stephen fixing my bed
369 mini cream puffs dipped in dark chocolate
370 book lights
371 the wink emoticon ;)
372 fearless artists
373 songs of praise to the Righteous One
374 new habits forming


  1. the new header...and heading over to your brothers place...

  2. Yaaaay, picture of Ruthiey!

    Your thankfulness thingee is making me hungry... =P

  3. oh, i love this song!!! i'm listinging to it right now!