Thursday, April 14, 2011

Living Real Life

I'm sitting here, quite comfortable in my blue computer chair and green plaid pajama pants, though with chilly fingers because I'm in the basement, typing away at the sewing/study table. I feel as though I must have an honest heart-to-heart with you. My blog has been causing a mix of emotions in me lately. I love the community and encouragement and know that blogging is a good way for me to process things in my life and to hopefully share and encourage others. Because of that, I feel rather guilty when I can't get to posting. I also know that real life happens outside of the blog and I'm all bound and determined to live real life. Really, I am. I'll tell you about my life so you will understand where I've been.

This month most of my weeks have looked like this
Monday - work 7am-3pm, come home and crash for a bit, go to bible study
Tuesday - try to do school and catch up on life, work 3pm-11pm
Wednesday - get up late and try hard to catch up again, work 3pm-11pm
Thursday - off, dedicated to chipping at the Math Monster
Friday - same as Thursday, try to get together with friends if possible
Saturday - 7am-3pm, come home and go directly to church
Sunday - 7am-3pm, come home and be exhausted

So yeah, that's why I haven't been around. I've been neglecting a lot of things - my photography(which is why there haven't been pictures on here lately, boooo!), going to the gym (I'm biking to and from work, so I get plenty of exercise) and my writing and sadly enough, my friends. They been busy, too, though. That's the way of things at our age I guess. I'm feeling blessed and rather useful today because I got to 205 problems in math and once I reach 220-something, I'll be done! Also, if you've ever wanted to see a picture of what I would look like if I were seventeen in the 19th century and were rather dour and trying very hard to pose for a photograph, well, you're in luck. My friend JD found this picture for me

In further news, I like you all a lot! Thank you so much for reading my blog and hopefully I will make my little corner of the internet world and useful and blessed place to be.


Listening to Eisley - Plenty Of Paper

332 plowing headlong into a puddle, but having fenders on my bike
333 the expert and available medical aid in this country
334 that one peach streak of sunset reflected on the plane wing as we land
335 a red cardinal in the gray-brown of spring in Georgia
336 being able to walk for over an hour and not be tired
337 caffeine keeping me awake to talk with God
338 that God will not restrain his mercy from me, that his steadfast love and faithfulness will never preserve me*
339 ears to put earrings in
340 a sunlit brick corner
341 the lone seagull in the burlington coat factory parking lot in march


  1. ha nice pic...heres the thing...have fun with blogging...dont let the pressure make it into a it when you want stop by when you want seriously...

  2. Don't stress out about not posting. It's a treat when you do, but, if you're busy, you definitely don't have to. It just makes me enjoy it even more when you do. =)

    The hair is definitely very similar. Well, except you don't really wear your hair like that... =P