Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cleaning Mirrors

to get things done I make a list
I write it down and tell myself
do this!

-list armchairs on ebay
-return Caleb's shoes
-clean mirrors
-buy a calender

then I make another list -
to convince myself to
do this first list -
scribbled on the same monogrammed paper
this one is different
it tells me who I am


I write one more thing
not a list
just a name
because I can do these things
because of him
and through Him
and to Him*



Listening to Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie - Just A Dream (Cover)

325 being able to nap for two hours
326 that the Most High always surrounds his Beloved
327 hugging a new bride
328 texting my awesome brutha Bubba while he's away in Georgia
329 things I don't understand but they're in His hand
330 my amazing aunties Evey, Connie, Gracie and Mary in Canada, some of whom read my blog - love you all!
331 endless seas of peach clouds


  1. smiles. yeah i like the second list...a bit more motivation now on the first...have a great tuesday!